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Hydross the Unstable
Sep 13, 07 9:56 AM
Loot Council
Sep 6, 07 4:18 PM
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Lethon based horde guild

Our Members are PVE focused, with a little pvp on the side =)

MAG is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!


Fathom-Lord Karathress

Check this video out

There will be a few modifications to this strat, but for the most part it will give you a good idea what to expect from this boss.

Hydross the Unstable

Great How To video for Hydross

Please take a look at a video or 2 concerning this fight, so you can see and understand how it all works out.  If your a caster/melee take a look at a video that will show you your point a view.  Though i highly suggest looking at more than one video for different perspectives

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Hydross the Unstable

538217021_Inactive, Sep 13, 07 9:56 AM.
We need to work as a guild to farm the primals needed to craft the resistance gear needed by the tanks before we can even attempt Hydross.

The Guild is going to need to gather about 72 primal Fire, Life, Water and Shadow.

I am going to start working on getting the primal nethers to craft the gear, i have the other mats required to make it for people.  The tanks will also need the enchants on the gear for stam and such. 

This is alot to ask for from any one person, so we need to work as a guild to gather the mats.

I suggest getting 5-10 people and just going to camp the elemental plateau.

I want to have the gear crafted and enchanted by next week so we can get some time on this boss.



Loot Council

539160497_Inactive, Sep 6, 07 4:18 PM.
Adrenaline is using a loot council loot system.  To stimulate progression and to keep on the right track.

Basicly what that means is that for every item that drops the officers will discuss how it would best benifit the guild as a whole.  They will take into consideration what kind of an upgrade it will be for the person.  How often that person shows up on time for raids, if they show up prepared for raids, etc...

What it comes down to, is that if you don't show up you wont get loot.  We are pushing our way through the new content.

On another note, please be patient guys, if you are not invited to the raid, the officers have not forgotten about you, we as a raid just only can bring so many of each class, and unfortunately there are alot of melee limited fights. 

Please bring up your concerns in the forums so we can publicly address them, i am sure you are not the only one with questions.
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